Decluttered By Design

How To Overcome Fear and Take Action

August 18, 2023 Kelly Jayne McCann Season 6 Episode 1
Decluttered By Design
How To Overcome Fear and Take Action
Show Notes

I am sharing a foolproof two-step process to help you overcome anxiety from all the 'what if' scenarios that get in the way of taking confident action. If you've been pussyfooting around because you're afraid you'll regret your decision then this episode is for you. It's the perfect antidote for anxious ruminating.

The beauty of the process is you can use it whenever you are stuck between wanting to take action and feeling scared that it may not turn out well (that's an icky place, right)? What I'm sharing is super simple but incredibly powerful.

As promised in the episode, I'm doing something scary myself. I am sharing Ten Things about me that I'm nervous about letting you in on, but I know it's the right thing to do because they inform my work in a deep and meaningful way.  And you deserve transparency about who I am (hello know, like, and trust factor!). 

Here's the link to get the list: Ten Things I'm Nervous To Share

I'll also send you a bonus
- my framework for rewriting your own stories and beliefs so you can feel better about the past and move forward with greater confidence. It has the potential to be life-changing - it's that good!


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